summer scarf

navy stripes  //  solid white  //  red + blue

In theory, I love summer scarves.  But in Southern girl reality, it’s way too hot to ever wear another layer around my neck any time between May and September.  This look, however, I can get involved with!  I think it’s a great way to dress up a messy bun and it just screams “wear me by the lake… beach… pool… to the farmer’s market… riding in a convertible with the top down!”  By the way, anyone out there need someone to sit shotgun??  I’ve got another beach trip planned later this month so I’ll have to give this cute and easy tutorial a whirl!

(Top photo by Whitney Johnson)
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2 Responses to summer scarf

  1. jss says:

    This is perfect to hide unwashed hair!! Bar prep doesn’t lend itself to washing hair so the summer scarf is going to be clutch for going out in public!!

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