Fitness Inspo

I hate working out.  I hate it at all times of the year, but especially summer.  But because summer is filled with so many occasions for yummy eating and drinking while being swimsuit season, I definitely feel the self-pressure to get my booty in gear.  That doesn’t mean I do it, though.  Because I hate it so much, I’m always making excuses for why I’m not going to work out today.  So, in light of all that, I’m trying to find new ways to inspire myself to live fit — in the obvious ways (sweating it out in the gym) and in more fun ways (like buying new work out clothes!).  Here’s hoping!

Healthy swaps:  This is probably my favorite approach to fitness because it’s food-related!  This Skinny Sunrise looks so tasty and the Chobani yogurt substitution chart is genius.  The thought of cutting out certain food groups forever is just not something I can handle, but I’ll swap when I can!
Medicine Ball:  I just started using a medicine ball this week.  They are super versatile (so many exercises!) and more fun than a dumbbell.  Is it just me or is it way better when you get to throw something around instead of just being mostly stationary?  PS I’m obsessed with that girl’s P’Trique shout out tank!  Need it.
Retail Therapy:  Fun accessories definitely motivate me to work out.  I’m seriously asking for this chair for Christmas (hi Mom!) and these Nike filament capri pants come highly recommended from a friend (hi MEB!).  Add both to the wishlist.
Gummy VitaminsSmarty Pants are surely the cure for my forgetfulness when it comes to my vitamin-taking, right?  All you need to know is that Oprah said to buy them.
Positivity:  This one is by far the most difficult one for me.  It’s soooo hard for me to want to keep working out when I don’t immediately have Jen Anniston arms/abs/booty after 2 trips to the gym.  But of all the silly little inspirational “posters” out there on Pinterest or where ever, the ones that remind me that doing anything is better than nothing are the ones I try to remember.  One mile is better than no miles.

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  1. MEB says:

    Love the callout

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