6.21.12 About Town

It’s officially summer, my favorite season!  Spring has been good to me though.  Here’s how I’ve spent the last few days of the season…

Recently I’ve been celebrating a lot with food.  Food was even my Father’s Day gift this year.  Dad and Granddad were both recipients of a Freshfully gift basket including  McEwen & Sons blue corn grits, Peanut Depot peanuts, and Priester’s Pecans.  I haven’t left myself out of the nosh-fest though!  I’ve been feasting on tomatoes in caprese salads, cobbler a la mode, and my newest satisfy-the-fat-kid-inside-you concoction: “homemade” chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.  A few nights ago, I was hunting around in the fridge for something to use as an ice cream topping and all of a sudden had a stroke of genius!  And I can’t help but give myself a little pat on the back for this one.  Chocolate chip cookie dough is one of my favorite ice cream flavors so I don’t know how did didn’t think of it sooner!  Mixing the two ingredients together yourself is the perfect solution to the problem of having less than satisfying amounts of cookie dough in your average store bought variety.  Thank goodness I didn’t find something healthy in the fridge like fruit…

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