Last weekend was very exciting in Birmingham because Freshfully finally opened in Avondale!  Being the local food nerd that I am, I so was excited all week long, especially after I started following them on Instagram (@freshfully) and saw all the beautiful produce that kept strolling through their doors.  I just can’t tell you how thrilled I am that there is now a place I can go to get local peaches, or squash, or any other in-season fruit or veggie that was most likely picked that day.  Last week, they literally had 125 pounds of strawberries delivered the same day they were picked.  Hallelujah!

I was really surprised to find out that they have so much more than just amazing produce!  They have ready-made lunch items, eggs, meat, herbs, and a slew of other locally produced pantry items like hot sauce, oats, and even cocktail mixers.  I am going to need to try this spicy peach margarita mix asap!

Everything looked so good I really got carried away with the picture taking, but I just couldn’t stop myself!

Candies and cookies!

Biggest sweet potato I’ve ever seen!  Bigger than my roommates hand (and head!)

So run! Don’t walk, to Freshfully as fast as your little legs can carry you.  And check them out on Twitter for more info on their daily happenings and special deliveries to the store.  For example, I just found out that if you visit the store between 11:30 and 12:30, you can order from their lunch menu and they will bring it to your car.  How’s that for service?

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  1. Thank you so much for this great post!

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