Wear, Serve, Drink: Cinco de Mayo

Happy almost Cinco de Mayo, y’all!  What a wonderful holiday!  Obviously we Americans have completely missed the point of this day, but I’m pretty ok with our version of it.  It’s maybe the easiest holiday to celebrate (and if you follow my Instagram you may have seen I started a little early).  All you really need is a smile and a margarita and you’re ready!  My favorite part is definitely the food (I could eat Mexican food everyday), but sometimes it can be a little heavy.  That’s why I love these options below.  They are much lighter than the normal cheesy fare that you’re bound to run into tomorrow.  My plan is to have cheese dip and a margarita for lunch, and then go lighter for dinner.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a happy Cinco de Mayo!

[WEAR]  sandals, dress, earrings  [SERVE]  crockpot chicken, orange serving bowls, avocado and corn salad, any-bean dip  [DRINK]  fiesta pitcher, cherry beer margaritas, red pepper daisy

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