Food on a Stick

What could be better than food on a stick?  Most importantly, it’s an easy option for any party and you get to embrace the inner kid and eat it with your hands.  But also, as I’ve recently discovered, the possibilities are endless.  You can make them sweet or salty, for breakfast or dinner.  Food only a stick isn’t just chicken kebabs anymore, y’all!  These are some of my favorites from around the interwebs.

Try this recipe from Joy the Baker (she adds vanilla strawberries, too!)  (Photo: Lemonade Makin’ Mama)

My favorite flavor combo of all time: tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella cheese!  Just add your favorite tortellini.  The kind from the refrigerated section would make this so simple!  (Photo: Southern Living)

These would go great with this brown sugar fruit dip!  (Photo: Quick Dish)

Caroline over at Between Your Ears Blog is always trying new pancake recipes.  From experience, I know they’re worth a try!  (Photo:  Pinterest)

Most of these ingredients are already ready for you to slide on your skewer.  Artichoke hearts?  Open jar.  Olives?  Open jar.  Salami?  Open package.  Cherry tomatoes?  They’re born ready.  Cheese?  Open package, slice into cubes (whew, that one was hard!). (Photo: Southern Living)

Mint and blackberries would make this the perfect treat for a summer afternoon.  And cheese is good in any season!  (Photo: My Recipes)

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3 Responses to Food on a Stick

  1. I really must use the strawberry and angel food cake idea for my sister-in-laws baby shower. So perfect!

  2. Caroline says:

    Normally ‘food-on-a-stick’ evokes images of fried food from the Fair, but these all look so delicious!! Especially the pancakes :)

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