Sweet & Salty Trail Mix

Instead of spending a fortune (again) on pre-packaged trail mix and only getting a measly 6 or 8 ounces, yesterday I made my own!  I decided to get peanuts (buy 1 get 1 free!), raisins, dates, and dark chocolate M&Ms, all of which cost about $13.  This seemed a little higher than what I was expecting to pay, but once I started mixing, I realized that I essentially had a lifetimes supply of trail mix.  Definitely cheaper than the store-bought stuff.  I probably could’ve saved a buck or two more if I had gotten generic M&Ms, but I really wanted the dark chocolate kind.  

I just love the sweet with the salty and it’s such an easy and filling snack.  Come over and have some with me… I have plenty to share!  Next time (when I finally run out sometime around May) I think I’m going to try adding dried cranberries and apricots and maybe some cashews.  There are almost too many combinations!

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