Show-Off Shelves

I guess it took me living with two consecutive roommates who organize their bookshelves by book color to realize that shelving can be much more than just storage.  Now I know that shelves can be fun big-scale art installations in any room.  I’m in the progress of overhauling the bookshelf in my bedroom (theme: tons of picture frames, all white), but I also love these ideas for revving up the chic in your shelves.

(click for larger image)

1.  Just like my roomies, I love arranging books by color and the addition of a small gold mirror like this one adds even more whimsy. (Image via Glitter Guide).

2.  This bold coat of paint on the inside of the shelves could brighten up any room.  Or how great would a chevron pattern be?!  (Image via Pinterest)

3.  I never would have thought to hang pictures on the dividers of a bookshelf!  Such a cute way to add to your display.  I also love the monochromatic look of all these shades of cream. (Image via Inspired Design)

4.  Usually I am fond of painted white wood versus industrial looking furniture, but these shelves and their caster wheels make me crave a touch of metal!  And what a smart idea to mix the storage baskets at the bottom with the display shelves at the top.  (Image via Heirloom Philosophy)

5.  These cute cube cubbies are just the right size for smaller items and bold accents like that metal ‘S’.  Even though the framed print covers several sections, I still think it looks good with shelves this size.  (Image via A Tranquil Townhouse)

Can’t wait til my redo is done!

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3 Responses to Show-Off Shelves

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  2. Lisette Steady says:

    I have a number of bins similar to these guys that I have purchased at Target over the years and love. I have used them in the kitchen, bathroom, living room… everywhere. I bought these online because I needed a bunch and these seemed like a good deal. I could tell when I took them out of the package that they were cheaper than the ones I was used to but I figured they would do the job. I loaded them up with DVDs;

    My own blog site

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