All Things Whiskey

It’s winter, the traditional season of whiskey.  While I can’t drink it very many ways, I can always enjoy a whiskey ginger and I’ve secretly been hoping for my next cold so I can cure myself with this hot toddy recipe.

(via Shutterbean)

I’m also a huge fan of any dessert with whiskey involved, like this whiskey apple pie, whiskey bread pudding, and whiskey pear tart.  

And then there are the gadgets.  Maybe it’s the appeal of a classic cocktail or maybe I’ve just been watching too much Mad Men, but I am all about these cool whiskey drinkin’ accessories.

Whiskey Holster, $39.  Keeps your whiskey safe.

Whiskey Stones, $20.  Keeps your whiskey from getting watered down. 

Silicon Ice Ball Maker, $12.  Keeps your ice from melting as quickly.

Despite my infatuation with whiskey and whiskey related things, I (like many other women) am mostly clueless about the finer aspects of the drink.  Not to fear though, Heather John, the former wine and spirits editor for Bon Appétit, wrote a little article for people like me.  It’s quick and dirty guide to keep from embarrassing yourself at the bar.   It’s also how I found the ice ball maker!  Take a peek if you want to know more.

Bottoms up!

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3 Responses to All Things Whiskey

  1. anna says:

    what is the recipe to the whiskey toddy? i have caught a cold from working at walgreens…figures! ps love your blog! happy thanksgiving

    • Oh no! Feel better! I haven’t had the chance to make one for myself because I haven’t been sick recently (knock on wood), but this is the easy version:

      ½ shot Bourbon
      1 tbsp honey
      1 tbsp lemon juice
      1 cup hot water
      (From A Cup of Jo:

      and the fancy version with ginger is:

      2 tablespoons honey
      1 teaspoon fresh ginger, grated
      1 lemon, juiced
      1 oz. bourbon (or two)
      8 oz. hot water
      cinnamon stick (optional)
      (From Shutterbean:

      …I’m leaning toward the second one because it has more liquor in it! PS Thanks for the blog love. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Anna R. says:

    now this is my kinda post lady! Let’s make us some Hot Toddies when you get back- we don’t need a cold :) HOTTY TODDY!

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