A Halloween Project

It’s almost here!  I hope you have your costume ready and your pumpkins out.  At my house this year, me and the roommates painted pumpkins instead of carving.  I thought it was way more fun, although you don’t get to eat the delicious seeds…

For this project, I was inspired by these black and white gourds.  I didn’t really follow any instructions but I did get some advice on the supplies I’d need from The Butlers.

Here’s what I used:

  • Acrylic craft paint
  • White spray paint (I had some primer, but I don’t think it made a difference)
  • Clear spray enamel (for weatherproofing)
  • Graphite paper (for tracing)
  • Paintbrush
The roommates each had different designs but the steps are pretty much the same no matter what you want to paint.  First, spray paint the pumpkin.
If you have a lettered design or something you might want to stencil on, print it out or free hand it onto a plain piece of paper while the paint dries.  I wanted to monogram mine, so I picked a fancy font, made it huge, and printed it out.  Once the pumpkin is dry, place the graphite paper against the pumpkin (dark side facing the surface of the pumpkin) and the paper with your design on top.  Trace around the design with a pen while pushing firmly so the graphite gets onto the surface, but not too hard because the paper will rip (this is why I suggest a pen, a pencil tends to be too sharp). 
After your design is transferred you can fill in any spots that didn’t exactly work perfectly and begin painting the design with the acrylic paint.  Then add a generous coat of the clear spray enamel so the paint doesn’t flake off when you expose the pumpkin to the elements. 

Happy Halloween, y’all!
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One Response to A Halloween Project

  1. Leigh Anne says:

    These look great (even if one is Auburn…ha! I’m a Bama alum)! Thanks for the sweet comment and shout out! Love your blog!

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