What’s on 2nd?

While the days of missing work/school on Columbus Day are long gone for me, the works-at-a-bank boyfriend actually had the day off on Monday and took me to lunch on 2nd Avenue North, a street that is quickly becoming one of my favorites in Birmingham.  To eat, we went to Urban Standard, a spot that’s definitely on my top 10 list.  

It’s one of those wonderful places where the menu changes based on the season and on Monday I had the joy of eating their deelish pumpkin pierogis with sweet potato, wilted greens and a balsamic sauce.  Sorry no pictures, you’ll just have to go see for yourself!

After lunch we walked a few store fronts over to What’s On 2nd,  a place I’m constantly reading about because of it’s funky and fun vibe.  Well, it’s true!  Right down to the weird grandma’s basement smell.  They have a bizzare collection of antiques from baby doll heads to California Raisins figurines.  The coolest collections (from what I could tell during my short visit) were the postcards.  They have thousands and thousands of vintage postcards and they’re organized by location.  So, of course, I went straight to the Georgia stacks and found a beautiful card from 1911 with a print of the Equitable Building in downtown Atlanta.  It is dated April 12, 1911 and addressed to Miss Martha Bradshaw, Highland Avenue, Birmingham, Ala.  No house numbers, no zip code.  The stamp cost 1 cent.

Front: “This is the building where I work when I’m in town.  Hello – I have been out of town, found your card on my return.”

Back: “I thought you had forgotten we expect to be in Bghm again soon and will be glad to see you.  Well tell them hello from me.”

I can’t quite make out the signature but it looks like it could be ‘Fran.’  I’m also not sure who’s on the stamp, but I’d wager money that it’s Benjamin Franklin.  

This is the kind of stuff I love to find.  It’s not a collectors item, nor was it expensive (it was marked $8, but they guy only charged me $5), but because it’s something with a vaguely historic connection between my home town and the city I currently live, I’m in love with it!  Can’t wait to find a frame and a spot to display it.

PS  Another 2nd Avenue spot I’m really into right now is Pale Eddie’s Pour House.  It’s a great place to hang when you’re not in the mood to pay a cover or stand shoulder to shoulder with complete strangers while waiting 20 minutes for an over priced drink (i.e. not in the mood for Innisfree or Oasis).  And it’s smoke-free!

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