Great Crates

I’m always hoping to find a banged up old crate at the thrift or antique store.  There are so many uses for them!

Crate with bouquet in mason jar (via Pinterest)

Faux vintage crates for storage (via The House of Smiths).  Learn how to make them yourself here.

Milk crate with glass bottles (via Pinterest)

…oh yeah, there’s more!

1.  Crate drawers (via Etsy, $75)     2.  Stencil numbered crates (via Haus Design)     3.  Pastel crates with leather pulls (via Etsy, $34)    4.  Whitewashed crate as side table (via Pinterest)

5.  Mini crate with rope pull (via Etsy, $9 each)     6.  Crate centerpieces (via Pinterest)     7.  Farm Stand Peaches photograhy print (via Etsy, $20)     8.  Crate bookshelf (via Pinterest)

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