Cheap Thrills: Bobby Pin Case and Jean Straps

This past week I stumbled upon two products that I’m sure will be nothing short of life changing for me.  A case meant to hold bobby pins and Jean Straps.  Now get ready, the pictures are quite breathtaking…

I have a serious problem keeping track of bobby pins.  I mean what are you supposed to do with them once you slide them off the cardboard thing?  My purse eats them and because I’ve got them in about 34 different nooks and crannys all around my house, my boyfriend’s apartment, and my car, I can’t ever put my hands on a single one when I need to.  But now I can consolidate them all into this one case and keep it in my purse!  Genius pure and simple.  Now I know I hear some eye rolling from those people out there who’ve known about this forever because, “Hello!  It’s been on that same hook in Walgreen’s for like, 10 years next to the bobby pins you already buy!”  All I can say to that is “Oops!”.

Now for the Jean Straps.  Why haven’t I been informed about these before now!?  Y’all, they are straps that keep your jeans for bunching up when you put your foot into your boots.  I know right?!  They only cost $9.95 and maybe $3 for shipping and even better, they look like little suspenders!  I haven’t gotten mine in the mail yet but if they work at all like they’re supposed to they are going to become my new jam.

On that note, I wish everyone a fabulous and restful weekend!

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2 Responses to Cheap Thrills: Bobby Pin Case and Jean Straps

  1. WNR says:

    Ahhhhh I NEED jean straps! Uh-mazing. Let me know if they actually work and I will be purchasing some for myself that day! WNR

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