Back to childhood with Shel Silverstein + a printable!

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I am so excited because this week Shel Silverstein’s family is releasing Everything on It, a book  of 145 of his previously unpublished poems.  Is it ok to make a comparison to Tupac’s wildly successful posthumous career and Shel’s?  Not sure.  Anyway, from the few excerpts I’ve read, it seems like this collection will be just as funny and beloved as the classics I and so many others grew up on.  

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Reading these newly released poems brought back so many memories of my favorites from A Light in the Attic and Where the Sidewalk Ends.  Also brought back a very vivid memory of being in 3rd grage and wearing huge air traffic controller type headphones while listening to one of his books on tape at the “listening station” on a tape player that was barely one step up from an 8-track player.  

As a kid Shel’s poems were funny and I loved all the pictures, but now as a (almost) grown-up, I’m realizing that some of them are so wise, and still funny!  Whenever I’m feeling down or frazzled by my new adult responsibilities, I wish a little Shel would pop into my head to straighten me out about what’s really important in life.  Inspired by that thought, I made a little blurb to share with everyone.  The text is part of the poem Put Something In from A Light in the Attic.  If you feel so inclined, slap it on some card stock and in a frame so you can be reminded never to take life too seriously.

On a somewhat related note, I’ve become very keen on the idea of framing pretty quotes and sayings and using it as art  around the house.  It’s cheap and cute, and you can make your own so easily!  Here are a few of my faves I’ve seen around Pinterest:

(All images via Pinterest: Clean House, Hold Hands, The Earth

And of course, I grew very fond of this print while it lived in my kitchen before it moved away with my dear ex-roomie.  PS She has a blog too!

Enjoy your Thursday!

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