Ombre 3 Ways

I probably didn’t know the word ‘ombre’ 4 months ago, but once I spotted it several times around the interwebs, I became curious.  I can neither confirm or deny any rumors that I had to get out my pocket dictionary to find out what it meant, but I can tell you that I know what it means now.  Seems to me it’s just a fancy word meaning faded, but that’s ok, I like fancy words.  I like ombre too.

Paint chip chandelier.  Find out how to make one here on Hey Gorgeous!  Wedding cake.  This simple little lovely featured on Style Me Pretty was part of a beautiful Napa Valley garden wedding.  Pendant lamp.  This lamp is a perfect pop of color for almost any space.  Check out more ombre home decor here!  There’s endless possibilities, really.

Right now this is my favorite way to sport some ombre.  I’m seriously considering taking my first plunge into the world of hair dyeing and trying something like the cute girl in the glasses has going on.  I’d never try to do it myself, but if you’re braver than me, check out this fab tutorial by Brittnee Cann.  (BTW, there are more celebs with this trend over on The Frisky!)

Last but not least put some ombre on your body!  Ombre Solo by YSL comes in a variety of colors and has a radiance enhancing formula, y’all!  The Stephanie dress by Herve Leger is a part of the pre-fall 2011 collection that uses blacks, whites, and greys to create a monochromatic masterpiece.  Oh to own one of Mr. Leger’s classic bandage dresses would be a dream, but the closest I’ll ever come is Rent the Runway!  Ombre Essentielle by Chanel seems pretty nifty because you can by apply dry for lighter look or wet for a more dramatic effect.

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2 Responses to Ombre 3 Ways

  1. Your blog is so super sweet! Thanks for linking to my chandelier :)

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