Yarn bombings around Birmingham

Several months ago I heard this story on NPR about ‘yarn bombing’ or ‘crochet graffiti’.  Instead of using spray paint, these street artists decorate public spaces with yarn knitted or crocheted into colorful temporary installments for all to enjoy.  While some critics insist that it is still vandalism, I was absolutely tickled by the idea of this.  It’s like your grandma’s tea cozy made for a statue or a street lamp!  Well, last week, to my surprise, I saw these genuine and authentic yarn bombings right here in Birmingham!  I was so excited!

After reading up a little more on this (via The New York Times), I began to realize that these artists have created some what of a worldwide movement, organizing large groups to take on bigger projects.  

(Photo credits: Paris: Jean Michel Sicot, New York: Olek, Philadelphia: Ryan Collerd; all via The New York Times)

Best part (other than the end result) is that everyone gets a funny tongue-in-cheek nickname!  I think my faves would have to be the group in Houston that calls themselves Knitta Please and Captain Hook, a woman from Los Anegeles.  

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One Response to Yarn bombings around Birmingham

  1. Susan fields says:

    Having lived in “Bombingham” during Civil Rights era, I glad to read of a kindler, gentler city! I love your blog and will feel confident when I make yo’ momma’s delicious apple cobbler… He’ll, you could do a Cobbler for Dummies with all those scrumptious pictures as how- tos along the way… I ’bout nearly ate ( or et as we Aladamnbamians like to say) The verisimilitude of the pictures could fool any damn body without good sense… I’d like to ask Jane: after stealing sugar cane from my neighbor’s make-do, pissant garden chewin’ down on that stringy shit, how can I clean in between my teeth right out there on the middle of nowhere if I forgot to stick a toothpick in my hip pocket afore I went out and coveted, then stole, what was hisn? Can you telle,Jane?

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