The Lazy Girl Brunch

Sometimes I like to find a new recipe and plan a fun dish to make for football Saturdays.  This past Saturday was not one of those times.  I woke up famished and with no groceries in the house.  I decided on Chick-Fil-A since the new one in Five Points South just opened (finally!), but apparently everyone else in Birmingham had the same idea and it was beyond packed.  But no worries, Plan B turned out even better.

I learned about Sister Schubert’s rolls only after moving to Birmingham from Atlanta and am so glad I did!  They are the perfect last minute brunchy food to make for yourself or to bring to a tailgate if you’ve completely dropped the ball on doing something homemade.  But no one will shame you for it because they’ll be too busy stuffing their faces with both the savory and sweet varieties of these light, fluffy confections.

Bloody Marys have become a staple of my football watching routine, especially since Auburn apparently can’t seem to get any other time slot besides 11:00 AM.  I like to eat my Bloody Marys as much as I like to drink them, which means I put a lot of other stuff in them, but the most important part is the mix.  I have yet to find a better mix than Zing Zang.  Even if you just add the vodka, you’re guaranteed a good drink.  But like I said, I add a lot of other stuff…

I’ve talked to a few people recently who have never even had a Bloody Mary to begin with, so if that’s like you, all these add-ons may seem intimidating, but half the fun for me is finding the perfect combo of flavors.   I encourage everyone to be bold and try everything at least once.

Hot:  Hot sauce, lime, and olives are pretty much the basic necessities to this drink.  I like Frank’s RedHot Original the best and prefer my olives stuffed with something other than pimentos, like garlic or bleu cheese.

Hotter:  Spicy pickled okra and cocktail onions.  The okra (preferably Talk of Texas) is by far my favorite add-on.  Cocktail onions are also a fun to put with the olives on one of those cute cocktail swords if you’ve got them.

Hottest: Horseradish and Worcestershire.  I love horseradish. Like love it.  If you really want to add some tang to the spice, hit up this condiment.  Just make sure you get prepared horseradish and not horseradish sauce.

Don’t forget to top it off with a celery stalk and a little salt and pepper!

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